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Church Committees

Council Members

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church of Flatbush council members are composed of 12 active members of the congregation. Council members meet the second Tuesday of every month. Additional committees are called to represent and attend the needs of the congregation, the parish, and the community we serves.

Mutual Ministry

Members of Mutual Ministry to be announce. 

Nancy Malone - President,

John Leinung - Vice President

Debbie Roman - Secretary

Judy Pohl - Treasurer 

Lynn Halligan, Joe McKenzie, Faythe Asaro, Paul Richnauth, Bill Wilson, Ann Vigorito, Dianne Kelly, and Mary Fitzpatrick

Church Committees

HTLC Church Committees include:

  • Stewardship

  • Worship

  • Social Ministry

  • Learning

  • Fun

  • Youth (Teens of the Times)

  • Property

To learn more when these committee meet contact us.

Community Engagement

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church looks to identify and support the needs of the congregation and the community. We have an active Athletic Assocition and host weekly Scout (Girls, Cubs, and Boy Scouts) meetings

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